Underlying Technology

HD-AGG® Technology

The HD-AGG® system is the first of its kind, a new cryogenic technology designed to achieve increased performance and accurate, high-quality imaging. The instrument measures small changes in the variations of the Earth’s gravity field from a fixed-wing aircraft, flying low over its surface, to noise performance levels unmatched by Gedex’s competitors. The clarity of imaging derived from this data effectively maps changes in the subsurface geology, ranging from the near surface features to depths beyond ten kilometers.

Our HD-AGG® data can be used as a standalone product to achieve extremely revealing results. It can also be integrated with other geophysical imaging technologies or be quantitatively combined with existing geological drill data and 3-D geological models to produce high-resolution integrated images. These images are then interpreted for changes in lithology, structure, alteration, mineralization, permeability, porosity and fluid content. The HD-AGG® system completes the essential set of technologies needed to help turn the top kilometer of the Earth’s crust “transparent” for mineral exploration and geophysical purposes. New technology will play a critical role in providing deeper imaging and exploring more challenging and complex geology; tasks for which the Gedex HD-AGG® system is well-suited.

Our Technical Goal

Achieving our ultimate system noise performance goal of, 1E/√Hz, will greatly expand the addressable market beyond that already satisfied by our current HD-AGG® system. This goal defines both the instantaneous resolution of the instrument at 1 eotvos (E) and, just as importantly, the rate at which measurements are taken, √Hz (per square root Hertz, or cycles per second). This instantaneous accuracy determines the sensitivity of the system to the changes in the subsurface geology. As the eotvos number gets smaller, the clarity and geological content, or richness of the data increases. The speed of the system is also important, as the faster the system samples, the higher the resulting spatial sampling. This speed creates a higher spatial resolution image for consistently accurate results. At its current performance level, below 10E/√Hz, the Gedex HD-AGG® is a substantial improvement over the best competing fixed-wing gravity-gradiometry technology available today, and Gedex continues to be committed to bringing the 1E/√Hz “game changing” technology to the exploration industry.

Our Business Goal

While surveys must be performed to obtain the gravity-gradiometer measurements, it is not the surveys themselves that provide value to clients. Rather, it is the data that is collected, processed and interpreted as a result of these surveys. Gedex looks to retain ownership of all such data and then licenses it to its clients. Over time, Gedex will gradually become the repository for a substantial amount of geophysical information, and will leverage the accumulating library of resource data in a variety of ways, such as royalties, joint ventures, and data sales. Our digital gravity-gradiometer database is just one of the unique characteristics of the Gedex business model which will create substantial upside for Gedex’s stakeholders. The potential to participate, via royalties and/or to take equity-like positions, in resulting discoveries is another.