Our Services

Data Library Applications

Gedex’s business model anticipates retaining ownership of all the data collected from surveys. Gedex will build a large geophysical database that can be used to provide further data analysis for existing survey clients and those who wish to leverage the knowledge contained in the database for other exploration purposes. The possibility of “fusing” the gravity-gradiometer data with other geological survey data, obtained from third parties, to further reduce exploration risk is yet another form of this service.

Fee-for-Service Surveys

A fee-for-service survey is the collection of gravity-gradiometer data, based upon a fixed-price for each line-kilometer flown, over a survey area specified by a client.

Data Processing & Interpretation

This service refers to the post-processing of the collected gravity-gradiometer data to remove “noise” from the signal measured by the HD-AGG® system, followed by the interpretation of the “de-noised” data. The role of imaging and interpretation is to reveal the relationship of the changes measured in the mass densities by the HD-AGG® system to changes in subsurface geology.