Investment Highlights

Substantial Data Library

Gedex’s goal is to retain ownership of the geological data it collects through airborne surveys and license its use to customers. Over time, Gedex’s growing resource data library will be marketed and sold through the formation of joint ventures, royalties, data sales, equity sharing and other direct exploitations, thus realizing the true value of the data collected.

Highly-Differentiated Breakthrough Technology

The transformational HD-AGG® system provides superior imaging of complicated geology, increasing the likelihood of discovery and reducing the risk associated with exploration. The HD-AGG® system assists with the determination of resource tonnage with very low negative environmental impact.

Significant Intellectual Property

Gedex has invested nearly US$100 mm in significant research and development over a 17 year period. Gedex has 31 patents issued and 9 pending with over 50 identified additional patentable innovations. Gedex has collaborated with world-renown geology, physics and geophysics researchers at the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Maryland and the University of Toronto.

World Class Partners

Gedex is proud to have established long-term partnerships with well-known and industry leading companies such as De Beers, Anglo American and Rio Tinto.

HD-AGG® Technology

is a new cryogenic technology with the potential to completely revolutionize the world of geological discovery by revealing previously unknown geological resources and lowering exploration risks and expenditures.

Dr. Barry French, founder