Our Competitive Edge

Why are we different?

Gedex’s High-Definition Airborne Gravity-Gradiometer (HD-AGG®) technology has the potential to materially change the world of geological discovery. Using exceptionally low-noise, non-intrusive methods and equipment, Gedex’s unique and proprietary technology has the ability to reveal previously unknown geology and natural resources, creating substantial value by mitigating risk and expediting discovery. An HD-AGG® system offers the exceptional ability to detect subsurface geological structures where other exploration tools prove to be ineffective, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Gedex's approach to imaging, analytics, integration and interpretation ensure results that are expedited, targeted and accurate.


An Eye On The Future

The International Energy Agency projects that gradual depletion of the most accessible reserves of natural resources is forcing companies to develop more challenging deposits. New technology like the HD-AGG® will play a critical role in imaging more demanding and complex geology. Gedex always keeps an eye on the future and is constantly adapting to the shifting trends of today’s fast-paced technology industry.


Fostering Clean Technology

Gedex’s HD-AGG® technology is considered a clean-technology because our environmental footprint is much less intrusive than many of today’s other discovery technologies. As Gedex’s technology is flown in an aircraft, we leave no “scarring” or “footprint” on the Earth’s surface or adversely affect animal life that inhabits our world.  Gedex’s technology will enable a more precise and definitive picture of where to drill or dig; the number of dry holes and unsuccessful core samplings will be materially minimized, reducing the negative footprint of each of these unsuccessful endeavors.
Today’s exploration discovery tools are ill-equipped to find deposits necessary to meet future demand, including the exploration of water and mapping of geothermal hotspots. Lithium, as an example, is difficult to discover because the deposits reside deep below the earth’s surface. Compared to other existing technologies, Gedex’s HD-AGG® technology is well suited for making such discoveries; it is not encumbered by the limitations of other technological systems.


Superior Imaging

The HD-AGGTM system, with its exceptionally low-noise, high-resolution measurements, provides significant advantages to the exploration community. Gedex’s cryogenic-based AGG technology makes use of superconducting techniques to provide imaging resolution that is superior to all existing operational fixed-wing AGG systems based on room-temperature technologies.


Significantly Reduced Risks

Compared to competing airborne gravity gradiometers, Gedex’s HD-AGG® measurements are significantly less corrupted by erroneous noise effects, and are therefore capable of achieving more accuracy in identifying the signatures of mineral and petroleum targets. In virtually every application studied, the lower noise of the Gedex system reduced erroneous features, representing lower exploration risk and promising significantly fewer false positives when identifying drilling targets.


Cost Effective

Gedex has spent over a decade mitigating the technology risk associated with the HD-AGG® system. Recent validation tests, flown over known geology, have produced performance levels better than all other fixed-wing AGG systems currently in use. The HD-AGG® system therefore has the potential to make the exploration process significantly faster, cheaper, less intrusive and more efficient. Reduced risk, as a result of using Gedex’s highly advanced system, also leads to significant positive economic impact by lowering exploration costs.


Highly Efficient

Gedex’s new exploration data can be used either alone or quantitatively integrated with other geophysical imaging technologies, such as seismic, electromagnetic, and magnetic technologies. It can also be integrated with legacy data to detect buried resources that current generations of technology cannot effectively image. Integration with HD-AGG® data also improves other technologies, enabling a new generation of risk mitigation practices to evolve. As a result, Gedex clients can rely on faster discoveries with lower project time, cost and risk.


Constantly Improving

In the fast-changing world of technology, Gedex strives to be a step ahead, constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve its systems. Although Gedex believes it will be able to capture meaningful portions of the existing market with its current system, the Gedex team is committed to continually endeavor to innovate and integrate ground-breaking research and technologies into its systems, to grow our future market share, and grow the overall market