New technology and multidisciplinary approaches are increasingly required to discover reserves and improve the success of exploration and development drilling. Gedex technology complements seismic, electromagnetic and other data to fundamentally improve geological exploration. Investments in technologies that lead to improved imaging are extremely valuable, as they improve drill placement, reduce overall exploration costs and increase the likelihood of discovery. Gedex also transcends the resource industry from which it was born, additionally addressing game-changing opportunities in sovereignty mapping, homeland security, defense and space.

Primary Applications

Petroleum & Unconventional Oil

As existing reservoirs become depleted, the petroleum industry is forced to explore deeper and more challenging environments. Incorporating the Gedex HD-AGG® data into known seismic data can reduce the time and cost of discovery.


Due to increasing scarcity of deposits and depth of resource burial, the success of exploration has decreased and the average cost of discovery increased, due in part to dated, decades-old exploration technologies. High-quality gravity-gradiometry data used in conjunction with magnetic data provides a powerful tool for mapping geology, structure and other elements critical for targeting resources.

Secondary Applications

Myriad secondary mineral applications exist, including gold, coal, and uranium. In addition, detecting variations in ground water levels is viable; as is the use of the HD-AGG® for differentiating unconventional resources and geothermal sources.
Other applications that can potentially benefit from the technology underlying the Gedex HD-AGG® are:

Gedex envisions becoming a world leader in space geophysical exploration, bridging the gap between the terrestrial natural resources exploration community and the space exploration community, with asteroid and lunar exploration as potential targets. Gedex is uniquely positioned to enter the space market with extensive in-house expertise in geophysical instrumentation, exploration and surveying, as well as space systems engineering.

Sovereignty mapping, geodesy continental-shelf mapping, and World Bank resource development.

Tunnel and void detection and container scanning.