The importance of 1E/√Hz

Our technology goal, defined as 1E/√Hz, is of critical importance for the HD-AGG™ system to accurately map the subsurface variations in geology. This goal defines both the instantaneous resolution of the instrument at 1 Eotvos (E) and just as importantly, its speed √Hz (per square root Hertz (cycles per second)). The instantaneous accuracy determines the sensitivity of the system to the changes in the subsurface geology, as this number gets smaller the geological content or richness of the data increases.

The speed of the system is also important as the faster the system samples the higher the resulting spatial sampling on the ground which creates a higher resolution image. At 1E/√Hz the Gedex HD-AGG™ is an order of magnitude improvement over the current best gravity gradiometry technology available today.

Gravity Gradient 101