HD-AGG™ Technology

Why GedexTM

We are committed to driving industry leading client performance.
We will dramatically reduce the time and cost to discovery! As a recognized leader in deep sub-surface high definition airborne geological imaging – our transformational and revolutionary technology allows our clients to see below the surface of the earth to profile the target resource in a way never accomplished before.

It has long been known that high definition gravity gradient measurement that will dramatically transform sub-surface imaging to identify world class resource targets. The Gedex HD-AGG™ technology is highly effective in substantially reducing both risk and cost of discovery for land and water based applications. We can proudly say that we’re changing the exploration process forever!

A Unique Approach.

It is rare that a single technology can impact an enormous diversified market with high demand and growth prospects. With the successful commercialization of the HD-AGG™ technology, GedexTM will be the first source of 1E/√Hz gravity gradiometer data in the world creating a “new way of seeing” hidden resources. Capturing data at this level allows for dramatically better sub-surface resource definition determination.

Improve effectiveness of seismic data.

We are committed to leadership and aggressively drive ongoing development. We also have a proactive intellectual property strategy. Gedex' leading imaging, analytics, integration and interpretation software coupled with industry leading application expertise, enables our clients to confidently rely on us for solutions that allow them to be aggressive and highly targeted.

Our clients have access to industry leaders as an extension of their teams. Gedex provides our clients with priority access to the HD-AGG™ system for data collection and analytics basis. Our team of geophysics and geologists is proud to peer with any team in the resource industry. Our professional industry team becomes an extension of our client’s team and truly integrates with our clients at all levels. We provide world-class resource definition including mass and density. We also offer a non-strategic resource right sharing arrangement based upon heightened certainty about those non-competing resources.

Gravity Gradient 101


The Gedex HD-AGG TM: A patented technology that will radically transform the discovery, qualification
and development of resources.