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Gedex has recruited a proven management and technical team with a successful record of building leading edge technology-based partnership businesses. Core members of this team share enviable track records for financing and developing the technologies and business models behind several world leading companies. This expertise was recognized by the Prospectors and Developers Association. The organization bestowed the 2005 Lifetime Achievement award to Gedex's Chairman Emeritus and Chief Scientist, for their work on analytical technology that “revolutionized exploration” and is the workhorse of today's laboratories.

Dr. Glen Sincarsin
President & Chief Project Officer

Dr. Glen B. Sincarsin is an entrepreneurial executive with experience in the startup and the operation of Dynacon Inc., a high-technology company specializing in the microsatellite and laboratory automation markets. He guided the growth of the firm from a two-man operation, originally specializing in research and development service contracts, into a commercially driven, product-oriented, profitable company of over 25 people with annual sales approaching $3M and an annual average growth rate of 15%.

Glen joined Dynacon as a Senior Research Engineer in 1982, under a National Sciences & Engineering Research Council Industrial Research Fellowship, became General Manager in 1984, was promoted to Vice-President in 1986 and assumed the role of President and COO in 1990. In 1994, he oversaw the creation of two subsidiaries, Dynacon Enterprises Limited, specializing in space services and products, and Dynacon Systems Inc., specializing in automated laboratory products.

In 1996, Glen redefined the technical focus of Dynacon Enterprises Limited to be spacecraft attitude control systems, which created new export markets, and resulted in a $6.5M contract to build Canada’s first microsatellite, MOST, which carries as a payload, Canada’s first space telescope—successfully launched in 2003 and still in operation. As part of this same initiative, a miniature reaction wheel product, for use on micro- and small-satellites, was developed and marketed internationally. Manufactured under an ISO 9001-2000 quality management system, these wheels have been exported to the US, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, and the Ukraine.

In 2001, Glen was part of the team that secured $900K in venture capital to commercialize InocuLAB, an automated device to prepare clinical microbiology specimens, developed by Dynacon Systems Inc., and which is currently being exported world-wide.

Glen received his B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science (Aerospace Option) in 1974, his M.A.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering Science in 1976 (related to the modeling and testing of the CTS solar array in gravity), and his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering Science (related to gravitational orbit-attitude coupling for very large spacecraft) in 1982, all from the University of Toronto. He served as a Director of Dynacon Inc. from 1984 to 2004 and as a Director of the Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology (an Ontario Center of Excellence dedicated to advanced research) from 1998 to 2001.

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David Hatch
Chief Geophysicist & Chief Operating Officer

David Hatch is a world-class geophysicist who brings 20 years’ experience in exploration and development of geophysical technologies to Gedex. He is an expert in potential field geophysics and has worked in the development of new instrumentation, processing and imaging technologies.

David worked for 10 years with Paterson, Grant & Watson as a geophysical consultant exploring mainly for gold and base metals in South America and Africa. His work with PGW also included a 2-year project in Thailand as a Technical Expert working in collaboration with the Department of Mineral Resources. He then moved to De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in 1997 as a Senior Geophysicist and established a strong record of success in the exploration for diamonds in Africa.

In 2004 David was promoted to the position of Chief Geophysicist for De Beers with the main focus being the development of new technologies, specifically in the fields of gravity gradiometery and SQUID-based tensor magnetometers. David’s development of an airship-based gravity gradiometer remains the high-water mark for data quality and won the London Mining Journal’s Pioneering Award in 2006.

David obtained his M.Sc. from University of Toronto in 1989 after completing a thesis on cross-borehole seismics. He is currently the President of the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society and a member and past-President of the Southern Africa Geophysical Association. David has also acted as a Special Editor for an issue of the South African Journal of Geology.

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Dr. Kieran Carroll
Chief Technology Officer

Kieran has 20 years of systems engineering and project management experience in the high technology commercial environment. He has played key roles in successfully transforming complex engineering concepts into performing systems. His expertise in applied physics and mathematics, particularly dynamics and control, coupled with his experience managing multidisciplinary engineering teams, provide exceptional technology development leadership to Gedex.

Previously with Dynacon, a company specializing in automation and robotics technology for the aerospace market, Kieran led their space division where he was responsible for all business and product development.

Kieran built the engineering team which conducted the systems integration, analysis, dynamics simulation, software and hardware design, and fabrication of their satellite attitude control systems and micro-satellites. He was co-creator of and chief engineer for the MOST micro-satellite mission, for which he was awarded the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute’s Alouette Award in 2008. His technical leadership brought Dynacon into the forefront of supplying satellite expertise for the space community.

Kieran is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering Science (1993).

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Brian Main
Vice-President, New Ventures

Brian joined Gedex after completing his Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Western Ontario.

His work experience includes several years in the oil & gas industry with Schlumberger, where he managed field operations throughout West Africa. He was responsible for applying high technological field services to test new and existing petroleum reservoirs for many of the major oil & gas companies. He has extensive knowledge of how high technological activities can be applied in the field.

Prior to his work overseas, he obtained experience in marketing with Consumers Gas, in engineering with BHP, Australia, and in systems applications with IBM, Canada.

Brian is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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